Monday, February 27, 2006

Sigur Rós live in HK? I'm so yesterday

Yes, I'm so yesterday, I've only received the news today - Sigur Rós live in HK (7 April 2006), is it true? I still can't believe it.

Yes, I'm so yesterday cos' I still live in yesterday. The first time I saw Sigur Rós was 5 years ago, the time when I studied in UK. They were supporting Radiohead in Newport. I remember I had to rush back London after the gig as there was an examination the day after. Their performance was absolutely mind-blowing. I didn't know them much at that time so I didn't expect such wonderful experience.

How time flies! 5 years have passed! (I've aged 5 years!!!) I know there's no more yesterday now. I was called as weirdo and "gwei-pau" by ex-colleagues, I was very introvert (no, they didn't know in fact I'm a bit schizo), a freak liked to eat baked bean and spread on bread (they didn't know it used to be my usual meal). No more weirdo now, I'm eventually localized - glad to watch TVB series every night (how a soul degenerates!)

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