Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ranting, ramblings I

What is the point of online diary? Does anyone write the most secret personal stuff like the real diary? Or they just put some fake information? Pages of bluff or lies? Probably just pages of ramblings. An internal urge just to satisfy yourself and no one else. Like Haruki Murakami once said, writing is like sweeping away the snow accumulated outside your door - an internal urge, to clear the thought. No need for any readers.

I told the screen that I knew you're the computer so I could write whatever I wanted and told you the truth. Truth is sometimes hard to find, evaded, hidden, confused, contaminated by so many people, but I found out a fact - dug out the truth today, like shelock holmes. They try to shift the blame on kittyshambles (for she is the speechless, defenceless long-gone history). Being the constantly insecure and diffident nobody, she even doubt herself and thought if she ever committed such mistake like they said. No no no. 26 Aug is what I need to know. Kittyshambles no need to worry. She knows the picture now. Those fuckers ....

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Vv said...

I know what's happened !!!