Monday, July 18, 2005

Blue Monday

How come I'm also on the list of the bloody training? Holy shit, it starts from 7:15 am!!! Totallyunfair! I always work overtime till 10:30 pm, how can I wake up like 6:00 am to attend?!!! I'm not part that fuxking organisation. I wonder I'm only there to fill up the blank. Nobody knows my name there!!!! I don't know anybody there, I'm a total stranger.

My nose feels like "jumping" in the whole day, like there's something wrong in my body, it's 9:05 pm now, everybody left the office except me, I don't know how to do my job and nobody can help me, I have no mood to turn on the stereo, I just want to scream bloody murder and say a big FUXK to all the relevant people. I have every right to have my Tourette's Syndrome.

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Ms. Pretty said...

Oh, my God, my loveling can you treated yourself so BAD.......why still stay in the cruelly office till 10.....??? Are you OK, honey? Let's have some drink next time......????? I got drunk tonight...and feel like heaven...